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POP will help groups, causes and individuals.


POP will create 1,500-2,000 Tennessee jobs and at least 500 small businesses.


A 5-cent deposit on Tennessee beverage containers will significantly reduce litter.


"Time to pass a deposit law"

"Real People Talk About POP" (YouTube video)

The Deposit Genie.

Charlie Daniel, political cartoonist at the Knoxville News Sentinel, offered this commentary on May 3, 2005, after legislators declined to discuss the bottle


It's true: The proposed Tennessee Recycling Refunds Act will create at least 500 small Tennessee businesses--primarily redemption centers--and it will net at least 1,500 new Tennessee jobs

"Time to pass a deposit law"


Letter to the editor by William D. Guinn, Knoxville 

Knoxville News-Sentinel 
August 13, 2010

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